A medical pathway to lasting weight loss

Get treatment that targets weight gain on a biological level, plus a dietitian-led program that supports long-term weight maintenance.

Suppress your appetite with medical treatments
Overhaul your lifestyle habits with an easy follow-along program
Love Juniper in 30 days or your money back
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Rebekah, Juniper patient
16 kg in 3.5 months
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A program that works with your body, not against it

Target your metabolic health with medical treatments

Treatment is the foundation of Juniper’s program, helping control cravings to give your weight loss a fighting chance.
Turn down food noise
Reduce appetite
Prolong fullness

Track your progress and stay accountable

Measure your weight loss and progress towards your goals in the app while levelling up your learning.

Reset your lifestyle habits

Step your way through the Fuel, Burn and Build pillars, and uncover the strategies for long-term weight maintenance beyond treatment.

Build your support system

Celebrate wins and get support from dietitians, medical support specialists, and a private community of Juniper members.
Find out if Australia’s leading medical weight loss program is right for you
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Our unique approach
to weight loss

Works inside and out to help you achieve lasting results beyond the program.

Reduces appetite and increases fullness signals
Slows gastric emptying
Helps bring down sugar production
Increases insulin efficiency
Digital program
Feel full with tasty high-protein recipes
Burn fat with guided movements for all levels
Maintain lean muscle for a more efficient metabolism
Build healthy habits that become a lifestyle
Controls hunger signals to reduce appetite
Slows stomach emptying
Reduces glucose production
Increases insulin efficiency
Feel full with tasty high-protein recipes
Burn fat with guided movements for all levels
Maintain lean muscle for a more efficient metabolism
Build healthy habits that become a lifestyle

It’s more than just weight loss

Thousands of Australian women have found new confidence with Juniper.

Leah, 43
Discovered strength
"I've fallen in love with exercise again. I know I've got what it takes to keep living my best life."
Stacy, 38
Discovered freedom
“Since Juniper I feel freedom. I’ve gone from always thinking about food, to seeing it as fuel.”
Sue, 55
Discovered support
“Juniper makes me feel heard and they bolster me to the point where I just want to keep going.”
Joelle, 38
Discovered energy
“Since Juniper, I have the energy to engage in life again.”
Tiffani, 52
Before and after image showing the weight loss of a Juniper customer
Discovered better habits
"I'm still on my journey, but this time I know I'll make it to the finish line."
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Love Juniper or your money back

We’re confident you’ll love the program but if you’re not sure, you can cancel within the first 30 days of receiving your treatment, and we'll refund you the full amount.

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Trusted by women just like you

We’re grateful to be helping Australian women reach their weight goals every day.

Getting results and LOVING IT !!!
This program gave me the best kickstart, fabulous resources at my fingertips and constant support on line to help me get to a healthier and happier life.

Since giving Juniper a go I’m exceptionally grateful I found Juniper, that I tried it and that I’m getting results and assistance for my journey to the best me ever!!!
Love it
This has been the best thing to help me in years. I feel so much better within myself and all the help I have received along the way.
This has changed my life, and how I feel about myself
Food noise has gone and it has helped me not think of food all the time. I still have a way to go, so look forward to the next few months to see how healthy and happy I can be for myself and my family.
Fantastic program
Juniper has changed my life so much happier and eating healthier.
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Juniper patients on one treatment plan were twice as likely to lose at least 15% of their body weight, and in less time, compared to clinical trials of the same treatment.
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Journal

Created by the best minds in weight management

Experienced Australian doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dietitians with you every step of the way.

Dr Matt Vickers
Dr Matt Vickers
Clinical director (FRACGP)
Dr Matt Vickers
Ramy Bishay
Specialist endocrinologist
Dr Matt Vickers
Dr Ben Condon
Medical doctor
Amelia Bandera
Amelia Bandera
Senior Dietitian
Amelia Bandera
Leif Lagesen
Senior dietitian
Amelia Bandera
Lydia Stone
Registered pharmacist
Amelia Bandera
Sigrid Pitkin
Nurse practitioner
Amelia Bandera
Amy Bettiol
Patient engagement specialist
All Juniper practitioners are qualified, specialist GPs and nurse practitioners, and includes Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP).
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What treatments are available with Juniper? Are they approved in Australia?

All treatment options offered by clinicians in Juniper’s digital clinic are used by GPs in Australia for the treatment of weight management.

However, due to Australian Therapeutic Goods regulations, we are unable to discuss specific treatment options until your consultation with one of our Juniper practitioners.

This is to ensure a qualified medical professional discusses all the options available to you before you make any decisions regarding medical treatment.

Why doesn’t Juniper mention treatments by name?

Due to Australian Therapeutic Goods regulations, we are unable to share the names of our treatments until you have completed a consultation with one of our Juniper practitioners and are approved for treatment.

This is to ensure a qualified medical professional discusses all the options available to you before you make any decisions regarding medical treatments.

How does pricing on Juniper work?

Our Weight Reset Program includes medically backed medical treatments, unlimited follow-up consultations with your Juniper practitioner, health coaching, 1:1 health tracking, access to our supportive and like-minded Juniper community, and a welcome kit. The Weight Reset Program ranges from $375 to $599 per month depending on which treatment plan is best suited to the patient.

We appreciate Juniper is an investment in your health. Unlike other weight loss methods, Juniper’s is a holistic program that gives members access to personalised dietitian support, health coaching, medical support from GPs, nurses and pharmacists, exclusive app content, digital scales, precision weight tracking, and treatments delivered to your door.

Our pricing reflects the additional benefits our patients receive – all of which lead to greater weight loss outcomes over time. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure Juniper is the right program for you.

Is Juniper covered by health insurance?

Certain elements of your treatment plan may be able to be claimed through some private health insurers. Please contact your provider to find out if your treatment is covered.

Our pharmacy partners can provide an invoice for you to use to claim with your private health insurance. Once you have purchased your treatment plan, please submit a request here.

What happens during the quiz and practitioner consult?

The Juniper quiz contains questions about your health, lifestyle and wellness goals, which helps your practitioner gain a deep understanding of your medical status before you begin your consultation.

After completing the quiz, you’ll be connected with your practitioner who may have some follow-up questions for you. You will also be able to ask the practitioner questions – It’s a safe space for you to get the clarity you need to understand if our program is right for you.

If eligible, you’ll be provided a treatment plan and everything you need will be delivered to your door. Your practitioner and our dedicated team of dietitians and health coaches are always on hand to support you with your treatment.

Will I experience side effects on Juniper’s treatment?

All treatments come with a risk of side effects, but side effects experienced on Juniper’s treatments are usually temporary and can be reduced and managed with lifestyle interventions. The most common side effects on Juniper’s treatments are nausea, with 40% of users experiencing this temporarily. Other common side effects include reflux, headaches, constipation, vomiting, fatigue and irritation to the injection site. We know these side effects are not ideal, but they are common and normal among patients on this class of treatment.

Thankfully, our medical support team of nurses and pharmacists will check on you regularly at the start of treatment and be there to guide and support you through managing and reducing any side effects. You can reach out to the team by submitting a request here or emailing [email protected].

Which patients may not be suitable for the Weight Reset Program?

While your health practitioner will review your individual circumstances in detail, the program is generally not appropriate for certain classes of patients including those who:

  • are pregnant or breastfeeding, or actively trying to conceive;
  • do not meet the definition of overweight or obesity for their cultural background; and
  • are over 75 years old.

If your practitioner determines that the program isn’t right for you, or you choose not to join the program, you will receive a full refund of your initial payment. Please see our Terms and Conditions for the full policy.