Nourish Shakes

Dietitian-approved meal replacement shakes that offer lasting weight loss, with the nutritional benefit of a balanced meal.

Nourish Shakes

Dietitian-approved meal replacement shakes that offer lasting weight loss, with the nutritional benefit of a balanced meal.

20 vitamins and minerals

29.4g of high-quality protein

205 calories per shake


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What's inside

Replace meals, not nutrients.
  • 20 minerals and nutrients
    Each shake contains more than 40% of your daily vitamin needs for immunity and overall health
  • Low in carbs, low in calories
    Just 205 calories in every shake, with energy delivered from high-quality protein
  • High-quality protein
    Whey protein contains all 9 essential amino acids and limits the loss of muscle mass
  • Pre and probiotics
    For optimal gut health. Aids in digestion, immunity, and inflammation
  • Good source of fibre
    Keeps you fuller for longer, supports digestive function
  • No bad stuff
    No added sugar, laxatives, preservatives, or empty fillers
Full nutrition facts
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Gluten free
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Australian made

Praise for Nourish Shakes

Real reviews from Australian women.

"They are among the best I've had. Smooth and tasty, not sickly, and quite thick. No grit or aftertaste. I'd recommend them for sure."

Tracey, Verified review

"I received the Nourish Shakes today and they are DeeLeeshious! Chocolate taste isn't strong, but present, tastes a bit like a liquid milky way. Not gritty, super smooth and really filling!"

Celine, Verified review

"I use them to fill the gaps when I am struggling to eat enough calories. You know that you're getting a good level of nutrients from them."

Jo M, Verified review

3 steps to lasting weight loss

Just $2.65 a meal.


Empty a whole sachet into
350ml of water


Or blend or stir until smooth


In place of 1-2 meals per day

Results in weeks, confidence for life

Juniper’s Nourish Shakes plans are developed by dietitians and backed by science for lasting results.

2kgs week

On the Rapid weight loss plan
2 shakes a day
It’s normal to lose up to 2kgs a week for the first 4-6 weeks, then 0.8kgs each week beyond that on this class of treatment.[1]

4% body weight

On the Steady weight loss plan
1 shake a day
Meal replacement shakes just once a day, combined with a low calorie diet, can help you lose 4% of your body weight in 12 weeks.[2]

Complimentary lifestyle coaching with every order

We’ll help you form sustainable habits for long-term weight loss. Community connection, education, and delicious dietitian-designed recipes are free with every plan.

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