We’re changing the way women manage weight gain

Juniper helps thousands of women around the world find better health and confidence with our holistic and medically-backed approach to long-term weight loss.

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Have you struggled to lose weight and keep it off?

Society has been thinking about weight loss the wrong way for years. 
Here’s why.

Up to 80% of weight is determined by genetics³

Obesity is a biologically predisposed disease, so for many people, lifestyle changes alone won’t always lead to long-term results.

Weight loss advice from GP's is often ineffective

Advice from GPs to patients living with obesity is often generic, rarely includes useful methods, is mostly centred around an ‘eat less, do more’ approach4, and lacks support services.

Fad diets can do more harm than good

Restrictive diets and workout plans can trigger your body to produce leptin (the hunger hormone) and ghrelin (the satiety hormone) to keep weight on5.

A new weight loss experience

Juniper’s mission is to empower women to take control of their weight journey, with a medical approach to weight loss that doesn’t judge, doesn’t discriminate, and really works.

We connect our patients with Australian practitioners, dietitians and a clinical care team who provide ongoing support throughout their journeys. With medically backed treatments, lifestyle coaching, and a community of like-minded women, we help our patients achieve better health, confidence, and long-term weight loss.

It’s all part of a bigger plan

Our parent company, Eucalyptus, is changing the future of healthcare and making a lifetime of good health possible for people around the world.

Evolving outdated systems

Long wait times, rising out-of-pocket costs, and accessibility are a reality of the healthcare system. And these problems are exactly what we're trying to solve through our high-touch care telehealth system.

Treating chronic conditions

Complex, chronic health conditions like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are some of the biggest health concerns in the world. It's our goal to treat as many chronic conditions as possible to make the most difference for people worldwide.

Prioritising prevention

By treating existing health conditions early, and even identifying a person’s risk of developing new conditions, we can change the trajectory of our patients’ health and their lives.

Meet our weight loss experts

Judgement-free weight care, from those who know best.

Doctor Ramy Bishay
Dr Ramy Bishay
BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons), MBBS (Hons), FRACP
Doctor Matthew Vickers
Specialist GP
Dr Matthew Vickers
health coach Leif
Health Coach
Leif Lagesen
APD, BSND (hons), BSportExM
health coach dietitian Amelia
Amelia Bandera
APD, BEx&NutrSci, MNutr&Diet

Our values

We speak openly and honestly about women’s health, and we take the time to understand. We approach weight with the compassion, care, and the respect it deserves.
We facilitate easy, online access to Australian practitioners who have a passion for women’s health. It’s important to us that all women feel heard, included, and cared for.
By breaking the stigma, educating through science, and celebrating and sharing each other’s journeys, we’re providing women with the tools to take control of their weight journey.
A trusted guide
Medically backed treatments and a team of leading experts, we’re giving women agency over their weight journey to build healthy habits for lasting weight loss.

A healthier you starts here

Join thousands of women finding better health and confidence with Juniper. Take the quiz today to see if you’re eligible.

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¹ Juniper Lifestyle Survey of 203 current patients, December 2022
² Juniper Lifestyle Survey of 203 current patients, December 2022

³ https://www.racgp.org.au/afp/2017/july/genetics-of-obesity/
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