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How Eleisha turned yo-yo dieting around for weight loss success

When diets and exercise stopped offering results, a chance encounter with Juniper proved game-changing.

How Eleisha turned yo-yo dieting around for weight loss success
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Like many in the Juniper community, Eleisha had tried more weight loss methods than she could even count: calorie-restrictive diets, keto, low-carb, over-exercising, and a whole host of other options that were failing to shift the numbers on the scales.

“I'd been through so many fads and diets and programs that really weren't beneficial for my body type, what was going on with my insulin resistance or anything like that,” Eleisha says. “I would do a lot of restrictive diets that weren't helping me – I didn't lose any weight and I did a lot of training in the gym.”

When her attempts with diet and exercise failed to work, she turned to a GP-prescribed medication which Eleisha says left her with “more side effects than perks” and only resulted in her feeling as though she’d wasted more time on an option that didn’t work with her body or lifestyle.

The tipping point

We often hear women in the Juniper community mention their ‘tipping point’ for starting the Weight Reset Program; whether it be hitting a certain number on the scales, being unable to fit into favourite outfits, or realising they no longer have the energy to keep up with their kids. 

For Eleisha, her impetus for trying the Juniper Weight Reset Program came from a new weight of over 100kg preventing her from enjoying the things she loved.

“That really pushed me to start really thinking about my health and some weight loss because I was feeling sluggish,” says Eleisha. 

“I was feeling tired all the time, and some of my clothes weren't fitting and that really was the tipping point. I love my clothes and to lose my entire wardrobe just because of weight… I couldn't have it anymore.”

After her regular GP — who had been assisting her with exploring weight loss options — moved from her small town in rural Australia, Eleisha felt unsure as to what the next steps in her weight loss journey could, or should be. 

So, she turned to Google and began researching options out there that she hadn’t yet explored in an attempt to change the outcome — and this time, for good.

A chance encounter

Through Eleisha’s research, she chanced upon Juniper’s Weight Reset Program, which combines daily medication, online consults with Aussie health practitioners, and access to a private online community of members on a similar journey to long-term weight loss. 

As a rural resident, she was immediately drawn to the convenience Juniper’s program offered for someone like her, thanks to an accessible online network of health professionals at her fingertips.

“All the medication is actually delivered to your door, so you don't have to go out to a pharmacist or find one particular place that actually stocks what you're after, it is all brought to you,” she says.

“It's super convenient and the telehealth appointments you can do from your home, so I don't have to chase down a GP appointment in a rural town. I can just contact them through the website and everything is done at home for me.”

Address cravings head on

Along with assisting Eleisha with weight gain causes and her new journey with Juniper’s weight loss medication, the team of healthcare professionals also helped her to understand more about her relationship with food and her motivations for eating — which changed when she had moved out of home for university, and began indulging in unhealthy takeaway options and a sedentary lifestyle.

Once Eleisha began to recognise these patterns with the help of Juniper’s experts, she began the transition away from viewing food as a controlling element within her life, and towards an empowering one.

“I absolutely have discovered that my drive for food was controlling everything I did and everything I thought about,” she says. 

“By the morning, I'd already planned out everything I wanted to eat just based on my cravings. I didn't realise that there was a psychological part behind it, rather than it just being nutrition based.”

Eleisha recalls a moment during the program when her sugar cravings became overwhelming. Using Juniper’s unlimited and convenient follow-up support, she was able to chat with a health coach to unpack the root causes and find healthier alternatives, in real-time.

She says that being able to receive information on the psychological aspects of her weight gain was “game-changing for me because I've never really had a conversation about the psychology behind my cravings”.

Almost immediately, Eleisha began to see results.

Being able to access healthcare from home has been life changing for Eleisha.

A new beginning

When Eleisha reveals she’s lost 6kg so far on Juniper’s Weight Reset Program, the excitement is palpable. 

And while she’s counting the wins on the scales, it’s the changes off the scales that have her feeling the best — she’s even fitting into her favourite outfits once more.

“Since starting the Juniper Program, I'm feeling a lot better about myself and how I look and feel, so I'm gaining back a lot more of my confidence, which is really, really exciting,” she says. “And I'm reclaiming whole parts of my wardrobe that I never thought I'd fit into again!”

Trying out new kinds of physical activities and having outdoor adventures again with her partner – who Eleisha credits with being one of her biggest supporters outside of the Juniper community – is another positive lifestyle change, which wouldn’t have been possible at her previous weight.

Reclaiming her “willingness to do anything and try new things and go on adventures again” is a complete transformation from her energy levels previously, and starkly different from the Eleisha of the past who would instead spend time “being a little bit miserable and sitting at home doing nothing”.

With you every step of the way

While the Weight Reset Program includes breakthrough weight loss medication that suppresses your appetite and lowers your set point (the weight that your body fights to maintain), it also works alongside holistic lifestyle coaching to make sure that for people like Eleisha, it’s not simply a quick fix.

Implementing healthy eating and exercise habits are key to not only losing excess weight but keeping it off to ensure long-term health. “It's not all about a medication or an eating plan,” says Eleisha, “It's about making healthy choices for you to make it sustainable.”

And while Eleisha continues to find support and encouragement through her family and friends, it’s the community of like-minded people sharing the journey with her on the Juniper Weight Reset Program has been truly transformative.

Through a private and supportive online group accessible by members of the community and dedicated health coaches, Eleisha found encouragement, accountability, and most importantly, cheerleaders to keep her on track.

“Everyone's talking about their wins and their fails and their struggles and their accomplishments, and it's really great to see that you're not alone in this journey,” says Eleisha. “So many other people are fighting the exact same demons as you and doing it successfully.”

If you see yourself in Eleisha’s story, you might be interested in checking out our Weight Reset Program for yourself — a scientifically-backed weight loss program that’s helping our community lose, on average, approximately 7% of their body weight in just 1 year [1].

It’s more than just weight loss

Thousands of Australian women have found new confidence with Juniper.

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