Reset your metabolism to lose weight for good

Address weight gain where it begins with modern, medical approach that targets your biology.⁽¹⁾

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The program

It's not about motivation, it’s about genetics.

Diet and exercise can only do so much, and if these simply aren’t cutting it, it helps to know it’s not your fault  

Juniper’s comprehensive approach to weight loss is medically guided and designed by specialists to address weight changes where they begin in the body: your metabolism.

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Evidence-based medication

Works to overhaul your ‘hunger hormones’ and reset your metabolism. Feel satiated by smaller portions and fuller for longer.

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Mindset coaching

The journey towards a healthier
lifestyle is better shared. A small community led by a health coach keeps you accountable and cheers you on.

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Lifestyle changes

Through education, we’ll help you set sustainable goals and form new habits for looking after your body and mind.

And it works.

With this treatment, patients lose more than 10% of their body weight in just 52 weeks and will go on to maintain a healthy body and balanced lifestyle for years to come.⁽²⁾

Am I eligible?
What to expect

One year on Juniper's Weight Loss Program

Months 1 - 3

Connect with your personal doctor, set your goals

Medication begins to address your biology

Get involved in your coaching community, find your motivation

Months 3 - 6

Form lasting habits for long-term health

Medication continues to reset your metabolic system

Feel improvements to sleep, energy and confidence

Months 6 - 12

Set a consistent, life-long impact on your mental health

Medication keeps you on track and in control

Improved biometric health shows lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol

Woman Training

Months 12+

Stop paying us! You’ve done the work and you’ve lost the weight. We’ll be here if you need us.

"One of the most powerful things that you can do to stay healthy long term is to address weight changes, where it begins. Juniper's weight loss program applies a holistic approach to your biology and your lifestyle, to optimise your weight, strengthen your bones, reduce the risk of cancer and keep your heart healthy."

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Dr Joanna Sharp
Specialist GP at Juniper
BSc(Hons), MBBS(Hons),
How it works

A comprehensive weight loss program

Designed to address your evolving biology and set healthy habits that stick.


Online evaluation

Take the quiz and consult one-on-one with a specialist GP about your health history, lifestyle and wellness goals to find the right treatment to match your metabolism.

Juniper Phone app
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Everything you need, delivered

Your treatment plan is delivered with the tools you need to track your progress. Plans include evidence-based medicines commonly recommended by Australian GPs and specialists, and come with unlimited doctor consults and support.


Community coaching

With a tight-knit group of like-minded women, receive regular health coaching to keep you feeling motivated and encourage sustainable habits in healthy eating, movement, stress management and sleep.

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Success is best when shared

Join a community of real women achieving real results towards a healthier lifestyle.

“I feel better than I have in years. It’s one thing to feel more confident, but to know I’ve halved my risk of diabetes is priceless.”

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Lucy, 15kgs healthier

“This is an amazing program! I feel so supported and encouraged to meet my goals with my health coach and doctor.”

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Priya, 8kgs healthier

“My weight distribution changed in menopause. After realising the health risks, I decided to take a chance on Juniper, and I’m so glad I did.”

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Vanessa, 14kgs healthier

How it works
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How much does Juniper’s weight loss program cost?

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How much weight will I lose, and how quickly?

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What makes Juniper's weight loss plan different?

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What medication is recommended in the treatment plan?

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How do I take the medication?

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Does the program require me to go on a diet?

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The health benefits more than make up for lost kilos.

Am I eligible?

$13 a day | Including treatment, consults, and coaching

Feel like you, all year round