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Average patients can lose over 13% of their body weight in 1 year.¹ Eligible patients only.

Target your metabolism for sustainable weight loss

A holistic program pairing medically backed treatments and tools for lasting change.

Medically backed treatments
Dietitian-led health coaching & support
30-day money-back guarantee
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Juniper patient lose weight for good
Stacy, Juniper patient
22 kg in 10 months
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The Weight Reset Program

A medical pathway for long-term weight loss, designed by
Australian practitioners and dietitians.

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Medically backed treatments

Lower appetite and improve metabolic function.
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Health tracking

Measure your biometric health improvements.
Juniper private community

Private community

Celebrate successes and keep each other motivated.
Juniper Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching

Set the sustainable habits necessary for lifelong results.

It’s more than just weight loss

Thousands of Australian women have found new confidence with Juniper.

Stacy, 38
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“Since Juniper I feel freedom. I’ve gone from always thinking about food, to seeing it as fuel.”
Rebekah, 27
Before and after image showing the weight loss of a Juniper customer
“I finally feel confident in my own skin. I feel pretty, and it feels great.”
Tiffani, 52
Before and after image showing the weight loss of a Juniper customer
”I’m still on my journey, but this time I know I’ll make it to the finish line.”
Shana, 52
Before and after image showing the weight loss of a Juniper customer
“I’m really motivated. I’m on my way and it’s a great feeling!”
Jo, 52
Before and after image showing the weight loss of a Juniper customer
“I cannot believe how much better I feel. I’m amazed.”
Rachel, 41
Before and after image showing the weight loss of a Juniper customer
"Knowing I'm setting a healthy example for my kids has really made Juniper worth it."
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The science behind the treatment

Juniper's medically backed treatments target the body's metabolic patterns, for weight loss that lasts.

slows stomach emptying

Slows stomach emptying

Slows the rate at which the stomach empties, helping you feel fuller for longer.
Suppresses appetite

Suppresses appetite

Targets the reward centre of the brain, which limits cravings between meals.
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Targets your metabolism

Safely speeds up your metabolic rate, helping to lose weight for good.

Ask a Juniper practitioner

Doctor Matthew Vickers
Answered by Dr Matt Vickers
What medication is used?
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The medication used contains 
the body’s natural hormone 
for regulating hunger. It was 
approved for weight management in Australia in 2017.

Alongside behavioural modifications, this medication is considered the most effective for long-term weight loss.
Why hasn’t my practitioner told me about this?
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It’s likely your GP knows about this medication, but they may be limited in their ability to provide 
a comprehensive weight loss service – one that includes access to health coaching, dietitians, and ongoing medical care.

This kind of support is necessary for building the healthy habits that lead to long-term results.
What is the medication called?
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Australian law prevents us from naming specific treatments until
a practitioner on the Juniper platform has had an online consultation with you.

Once you’ve completed the 
online quiz, you’ll receive a recommendation if eligible.

You’ll be able to ask your Juniper practitioner as many questions as you need until you feel comfortable this is the right option for you.
Juniper can help you achieve your weight goals. Take the quiz today to see if you’re eligible to join the Weight Reset Program.
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How do the treatments work?
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Juniper’s most common treatment is made up of a molecule that works like a naturally occurring appetite hormone produced by our bodies to help regulate hunger. Juniper’s treatment mimics this hormone by suppressing your appetite and increasing the feeling of being full. With behavioural modifications, this treatment is considered an effective option for long-term weight loss1.

The most effective treatment available on Juniper’s program works by activating this same appetite hormone, along with a secondary hormone pathway that helps regulate blood sugar, promotes fat loss and blocks fat gain. By combining the effects of these hormones together, this treatment is more effective at promoting weight loss through reduced appetite, as well as acting directly on the pathways that lead to fat loss.
What are the treatments called?
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Australian law prevents us from discussing specific treatment options until you have an online consultation with a practitioner on the Juniper platform.

Once you’ve completed the online quiz, you’ll receive a recommendation if eligible.

You’ll be able to ask your Juniper practitioner as many questions as you need until you feel comfortable this is the right option for you.
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30-day money-back guarantee

You can cancel your membership within the first 30 days at any time, and we’ll refund you the full amount your treatment has been shipped.

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What to expect from your Juniper journey

1-3 Months

Connect with Juniper practitioners and the community
Treatment begins to improve metabolic function
Cravings stop, eating habits improve
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3-6 Months

See and feel noticeable changes to your physical health
Treatment continues to target your metabolism
Improve feelings of control, confidence, energy and sleep
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6-12+ Months

Form lasting habits for long-term health
Treatment keeps you on track and in control
Improved biometric health reduces health risks
This describes average results. Individual results may vary.
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Juniper fact
Over 80% of patients would recommend our program to a friend.2

Created by the best minds in weight management

An integrated team of practitioners will manage your care plan as your weight journey evolves.

Doctor Ramy Bishay
Dr Ramy Bishay
BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons), MBBS (Hons), FRACP
Dr Ramy Bishay is a specialist endocrinologist & obesity physician, Endocrine & Metabolic Clinic, Ashley Centre (Westmead), and an advisor for Juniper's Weight Reset Program.
Doctor Matthew Vickers
Specialist GP
Dr Matthew Vickers
Dr Matthew Vickers is a specialist GP with extensive experience helping patients find medical solutions via telehealth with comfortable, honest conversations.
health coach Leif
Health Coach
Leif Lagesen
APD, BSND (hons), BSportExM
Leif is a senior dietitian and Juniper's health coach lead. With a team of nutritionists and dietitians, he empowers our community to set sustainable habits for long-term health.
health coach dietitian Amelia
Amelia Bandera
APD, BEx&NutrSci, MNutr&Diet
An Accredited Practising Dietitian, Amelia is passionate about lowering the barriers to practical healthcare and supporting patients to take charge of their health.

Introducing the Juniper app

Our members-only app puts all the essentials to help you get the most out of your time with Juniper in your pocket. Join Juniper and experience it on the app today.

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It’s time for a different approach

Why nothing has worked
Up to 80% of weight is determined by your genes.3 For women with biological weight influences, diets and exercise won’t always lead to results.
Why Juniper will
We address weight on a cellular level. The treatment, when combined with lifestyle changes, is considered an effective option for long-term for weight loss.[3]
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This treatment is widely used by Australian practitioners and specialists


How much does Juniper’s Weight Reset Program cost?
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Our Weight Reset Program includes medically backed medical treatments, unlimited follow-up consultations with your Juniper practitioner, health coaching, 1:1 health tracking, access to our supportive and like-minded Juniper community, and a welcome kit. The Weight Reset Program costs up to $599 per month depending on which treatment plan is best suited to the patient.

We appreciate Juniper is an investment in your health. Unlike other weight loss methods, Juniper’s is a holistic program that gives members access to personalised dietitian support, health coaching, medical support from practitioners, nurses and pharmacists, exclusive app content, digital scales, precision weight tracking, and treatments delivered to your door.

Our pricing reflects the additional benefits our patients receive – all of which lead to greater weight loss outcomes over time. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure Juniper is the right program for you.

What makes Juniper's Weight Reset Program different?
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Juniper is a telehealth clinic, so you can speak to a practitioner from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. You won’t even have to visit the pharmacy to fill your script, as our program includes free delivery straight to your door.

Unlike some weight loss programs, ours offers real, long-term results. The Weight Reset Program combines medically backed treatments with ongoing support from practitioners to help you form sustainable lifestyle habits that stick. We take a holistic approach to weight loss that incorporates small but effective lifestyle changes to help you keep the weight off for good.

What treatments are recommended?
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Due to Australian Therapeutic Goods regulations, we’re unable to list this treatment by name. Once you’ve had a consult with your Juniper practitioner — and have been approved for this class of treatment — we can talk about the specifics. They’re considered effective for regulating your metabolism and hunger hormones.

How do I take the treatment?
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The treatment is administered via injection in the upper thigh or abdomen. It is not painful, and patients pick up this habit very quickly.

Will I experience side effects on Juniper’s treatment?
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All medical treatments come with a risk of side effects, but side effects experienced on Juniper’s treatment are usually temporary and can be reduced and managed with many lifestyle interventions. The most common side effect on Juniper’s treatment is nausea. Other common side effects include reflux, headaches, constipation, vomiting, fatigue and irritation to the injection site. We know these side effects are not ideal, but they are common and normal among patients on this class of treatment.

Thankfully, our medical support team of nurses and pharmacists will check on you regularly at the start of treatment and be there to guide and support you through managing and reducing any side effects. You can reach out to the team by submitting a request here or emailing [email protected].


Long-term health benefits, worth the investment

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From $375 per month | Includes treatment, unlimited support from weight experts, and tools for lasting change.

We’re leading the way on weight loss

Weight loss graphweight resultWeight Loss graphweight result

We’re leading the way on weight loss

We’re proud to share that Juniper’s program is 43% more effective for weight loss compared to clinical trials[1]
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[1] When compared to a clinical study of patients using the same class of weight loss medication and similar behavioural intervention, Juniper’s program was found to be 43% more effective** for weight loss over the same period of time.*


** Juniper internal data of 143 tracked patients, February 2023